Ensure Your Campus Is Inclusive, Safe and Respectful

Provide 20 Comprehensive Diversity Training Workshops for Your Campus

Diversity and inclusion issues can divide your campus. Don’t let this happen to your students, faculty and staff. Learn to address these important topics with care while engaging the community in positive dialogue and action.

Due to the popularity of 10 Campus Diversity Training Workshops – Volume 1, we’ve created 10 More Campus Diversity Training Workshops – Volume 2, filled with ALL-NEW information!

Utilizing the “Train the Trainers” method, both 150+ page binders will help you easily deliver effective trainings and spread positive lessons throughout your campus.

Each volume offers ready-made workshop components that can be adapted to any campus audience — from support staff to first-year students, graduate assistants, office directors, faculty, alumni, student government officers and more — as you work to enhance diversity awareness across your institution.

This two-binder package will:

  • Raise awareness about how to respectfully handle campus diversity situations
  • Provide you with the tools to easily deliver consistent, impactful trainings to multiple campus audiences
  • Save you money with a comprehensive, ready-made, effective training resource

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