Using This Binder

Easily Train Faculty, Staff and Students with Comprehensive Workshops

The 10 Campus Diversity Training Workshops Binder is easy to implement into your training programs. 10 in-depth, ready-made workshops will help address challenging situations and train your faculty, students and staff to create a more inclusive campus.

The binder utilizes an effective two-step program to ensure diversity awareness is spread throughout the campus:

  1. Train the Trainers: Rely on the binder’s workshops to educate and train key influential personnel.
  2. Trickle Down: The trained personnel then disseminate the workshops’ lessons to their individual communities, ensuring that your entire campus is informed about diversity issues.

Each workshop features background information for the trainer, engaging exercises and resources, training tools and much more – everything you need to prepare your faculty, students and staff.

The 10 Campus Diversity Training Workshops Binder is an essential tool for:

  • Deans of Students
  • Student Affairs
  • Directors of Residence Life
  • Student Activities Staff
  • Diversity/Multicultural Initiatives
  • And more!


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