What’s Included

When you order this two-binder package, you’ll receive the training resources you need to ensure your campus is safe, welcoming and respectful!

Each 150+ page volume offers 10 comprehensive training workshops — giving you 20 total workshops — plus, online access to all materials for ease of use and distribution. 

These cost-effective, easy-to-implement workshops come complete with resources and tools to train your campus communities. Each training topic includes:

  • Prep Pages – Get trainers in tune with the topic by exploring what’s being discussed, recent research, definitions, facts, statistics, why it’s important and more.

  • Engaging Elements – Get participants interacting through activities, self-work, group exercises and case studies.

  • Handouts & Worksheets – Provide training information that’s ready to distribute.

  • Resources – Bring the topic to life with additional materials such as TED Talks, quizzes, websites and more.

  • Discussion Questions – Give trainers a place to start when initiating group discussions.

  • Audience Adaptation Tips – Help trainers determine how best to approach the topic with varied audiences.

  • Building Blocks – Share ideas about how to build on this initial training so diversity topics can be incorporated into the overall life of your institution.

No need to create trainings from scratch — count on the 20 workshops and expert resources to prepare your constituents!


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